Get Crypto!


To purchase on this website you are going to need to purchase some cryptocurrency.

Don’t worry. It’s fairly easy.

Instructional videos will be put on this page very soon.

Here are some places you can purchase Crypto and then use it on this website:

The Women’s Wrestling Channel makes a commission IF you use some of the links above.

For years, various mainstream companies have been making it tough on women wrestling producers and models by shutting their accounts down without notice or without explanation.

This has hurt our businesses greatly.

We want to be able to control our own funds as too many financial institutions have shut us down over the years, again, without explanation.

This is unacceptable.

By transacting with us in Crypto, we get to keep more of the money we earned for your service and we have better controls over it currently.

There will be more videos in the future on how to use Crypto, but here is a video Johnny made for a Female Wrestling Channel promotion in December 2020 that explains how to do things fairly well.

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