Adara Jordin vs Domina Luna


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(Ring Women’s Singles Wrestling in Bikinis w/Catty Tactics, Lift & Carry & KO Ending)

Luna shows WMW veteran Adara Jordin NO respect whatsoever in “A Fight for Respect” acting as if she doesn’t even know who she is, and it pisses her off quite severely, leading to a bitter bikini wrestling showdown in the ring, with a KO finish awaiting the loser!

If Adara thought the brash Luna was all bark and no bite in this match, she would be sadly mistaken!

Luna gives her quite a fight, though of course Adara is far from a slouch herself, showing as much on many different occasions here against her! She goes as far as to lift her up off the mat and carry her around several times in fact, humiliating her more each time she does it!

She’s VERY determined to make sure Luna never EVER forgets her name again after this!

She’ll have to earn any respect she gets from her though to be sure, can she succeed in that by matches’ end? Who takes a nap when all is said and done?

This match gets quite catty and bitchy before it’s over!

A highly contentious encounter!

Both women badly want to win this one and prove a point to the other, and it shows!

Attacks you will see in this Matchup:

Backbreakers, Body Stomping, Breast Grabbing, Crotch Claw, Face Slaps, Foot Crotch Crushes, Grapevine Stretch, Hairpulling, Kicking (Mule Kick & Soccer Kick), Kneeing (Knees to Body & Leaping Double Knee), Leg Lift, Over the Shoulder Carries, Punches (Belly Punching & Face Punch), Rear Naked Chokes, Running Clothesline, Schoolgirl Pin, Scissors (Back Bodyscissor & Side Bodyscissors), Spanking, Takedowns (Double Leg Takedown & Full Body Takedowns), Wedgies

Adara Jordin vs Domina Luna - Women's Mat Wrestling
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