Bella Ink vs Hanz Vanderkill


Sold By: Hanz Vanderkill

Bella Ink vs Hanz Vanderkill

Real Mixed Wrestling!

Bella Ink and Hanz have known of each other for quite some time but had never met.

Now at long last they get the opportunity to face off on the mats in a sweaty exhausting set of matches.

Though Hanz turns out to be bigger than she was expecting, feisty Bella still enters the match confident thinking that her skills experience along with her curvy assets will be too much for her opponent to handle once she is able to trap him.

As they face off on the mats both are cautious at first, feeling each other out getting a sense for the others strength but soon the struggle is on in earnest as both wrestle for top position trying to coil around the other.

Despite a strong offense from Bella and a near submission from a brutal head scissor it’s Hanz who is able to score first with a body triangle and a crushing body scissors.

But Bella soon comes roaring back with an overwhelming perfectly in tight breast smother that has her opponent sucking wind.

The action is hot and sweaty as both are soon glistening and sliding in their attempts to conquer each other.

There’s multiple submissions on both sides and although there’s a winner in the score, both are already eager for a rematch!

Who will take the first victory in what is sure to be an intense series of intense matches?

Bella Ink vs Hanz - Mixed Wrestling
  • GENRE:  Mixed Wrestling
  • TYPE:  REAL!
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  • VIDEO LENGTH: 21 minutes and 32 seconds long
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  • DATE RELEASED ON THIS WEBSITE:  December 13th 2020
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